The Law of Attraction and its Bogus Scientific claims And other reasons why you should stay away from that sh*t

In woo-woo sh*t Debunked

Here’s the 5 second summary: LOA, the Secret and the Universe are messing with you.

But here’s the deal. Despite the far fetched “scientific” claims, this method has a HUGE following. I mean literally massive. Its acquired a cult-like stature amongst its followers who blindly believe everything they’re told. As this realization dawns on you, you slowly begin to understand what the actual secret is: that the LOA has found a way to provide a “sketchy solution” to people are in a whole lot of pain.

Now as a researcher, I fully believe in the power of the placebo effect. And if the LOA and the Secret were only that, I would quietly step aside and let people believe. Because sometimes we just something to hold onto so we can keep our head above water. But this sh*t ain’t that. In fact the LOA claims to be a proven scientific method that will make your life better. When someone steps forward with those kinds of claims, the natural born jerk inside me can’t keep quiet anymore.

At best, the LOA can be described as metaphyscial pseudoscience that provides solutions based on unfounded “scientific” assumptions. While there are way too many incorrect scientific claims suggested by the creators of the LOA to include here, I’ve decided to include only some of the most amusing ones, followed by what the scientific truth is and my own 2 sarcastic cents.

10 false scientific claims made by the Law of attraction

Read it. Weep. Get closure. Throw out your vision board. Set some goals. Crush it.

10 false scientific claims by the LOA. Read it. Weep. Throw out your vision board. Set some goals. Crush it. @IdeasWithRaisa​

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1. Electrons have positive charges: WTF? Electrons have a negative charge. In LOA you’re not allowed to have negative anything. Not you, not me and apparently not electrons either.

2. In physics “Like always attracts like.”: Uh..hello...magnets anyone?

3. Thinking burns up brain matter: Oh just shut up. If this was true, we would all be left without a brain at all…..unless we were not thinking and blindly believing everything that we were told...oh...I get it...incredible marketing tactic.

4. Only ether conducts light and thought: Not air because that would be too simple.

5. Ether connects all minds together: This is what I know of what Ether: it is a light volatile flammable liquid (C4H10O ) that was used in the old days as an anesthetic. But this isn’t what LOA describes it as.

In the past, Ether (or æther) was this mysterious substance that people believed filled the universe and was the medium that propagated light (and radio waves once they were discovered). It was in essence the material that filled the realm of the Gods. So, to say that something was in the ether meant that it is something being communicated from place to place without a precise location, just like a radio broadcast could be heard from many different places.This idea of Ether as the medium for light and radio however, died out after the Michelson-Morley experiment which delivered a null result. So...I don’t really know what LOA is still harping on about.

They (LOA believers) define Ether as: the great cosmic mass of the eternal forces of vibration. (If you’ve never heard of anything more woo-woo than that, raise your hand.) Basically to them, Ether is when 2 or more minds come close together, “mind stuff” mixes, and creates a third, “master mind.” Which essentially translates into: “they’re messing with your mind”.

6. Higher altitudes have more oxygen, better air for breathing: Yes...this is why everyone can climb Mount Everest without any difficulty or an oxygen fact, the climb is probably best for asthmatics.

7. Vibrating sound more quickly turns it into heat, then light, then thought: No. No it doesn’t. Only recently researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California successfully converted sound waves to light radiation by reversing a process that transforms electricity to sound. (This is commonly used in cell phones). But just that. There was no heat turning into light and then thoughts. Just stop it. 

8. Thought energy is 40,000 Hz to 4 X 1014 Hz or above 7 x 1014 Hz: No it isn’t. Just stop making up stuff. Brain waves are slow: 1 – 100 Hz.

9. The universe hears nouns, not adjectives or qualifiers or only sees pictures of your thoughts: I asked the universe for enough “all-noun” swear words to make this sentence tolerable...clearly it didn’t understand ‘cause I’m still waiting.

10. Every thought you have (about 68K/day) has a specific frequency of energy. All that “Thought Stuff” leaves your brain, and enters the Ether and results in “Formless Stuff” “manifesting” into whatever it is that you were thinking about: And results in a whole lot of “Bogus Stuff” being written about it. I can’t take this anymore.

OK I had to eat my way through half a box of Oreos to quell the wave of nausea that overtook me from writing all that. But I’m OK now so let’s proceed, because yes, there is more to this madness.

While I was shovelling Oreos into my mouth, I was furiously thinking of non-scientific reasons how I could convince everyone to ditch this ridiculous fantasy. This is what my sugar induced brainstorming added up to.

1) Screw purpose. Just have wants: The LOA is like being a kid in a toy store with an platinum credit card. You get to pick all the stuff you can think of and the only requirement is that you have to WANT it. LOA doesn’t even consider setting goals based on deep seated values. So you can imagine how much long lasting happiness you’ll get from achieving goals that have no purpose.

2) Deadlines are for Sissies: Rhonda Byrne (the author of the Secret) said, “It takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want.” If you’re setting goals, then you know how important it is to set yourself a deadline. (Otherwise you’re never going to achieve what you set out to.) On the other hand, if you’re chasing your dreams following the LOA method, you’re living as if you have already accomplished your your dreams so there’s no reason to set any deadlines. Because apparently deadlines are for losers who actually work towards their goals.

3) Be a lazy*ss. The Universe will do the heavy lifting: “You did not come into this environment to create through action.” (LOA teacher Esther Hicks). That is basically crap speak for you don’t need to do anything to get what you want. I don’t know dude, but if that’s the case, my dinner should have cooked itself by now. According to LOA, the only way to manifest your thoughts into things is to believe that they will come true, and live as if you’ve already achieved what you wanted. Maybe I didn’t believe in the power of self cooking dinners enough...

4) Don’t challenge yourself. That’s lame: In the LOA, challenges are “negative thoughts” and you’re not allowed to have them. And frankly speaking, you’ve theoretically achieved your goal (according to the whole “living into the future BS) so technically you’re not supposed to have any challenges. But between you, me and the computer screen, modern research shows that we really benefit from pre-planning for possible challenges that could crop up when we’re chasing our goals. But you’re not allowed to do that if you follow the LOA because it means you have no faith in the Universe. Bummer.

5) Sharing is not Caring: This one pisses me off to no extent. The LOA literally preaches not to get involved with anything negative like charity or helping the unfortunate. This is what LOA founder, Wallace Wattles said about this topic (ad verbatim): “Do not talk about poverty; do not investigate it, or concern yourself with it. Do not spend your time in charitable work, or charity movements, all charity only tends to perpetuate the wretchedness it aims to eradicate.” and make no mistake, Ms. Rhonda Byrne (Secret) is not far behind in the whole "nut job of the year" race. She’s quoted as saying: “If you see people who are overweight, do not observe them…If you think or talk about diseases, you will become sick. What you think or surround yourself with – good or bad, is what you will bring upon yourself.” Funnily enough, research has proven time and time again that charity work, empathy and volunteering actually benefit both the person offering the help and the helped. But you’re not allowed to be kind and caring and oh wait...what was that word? Oh right. Human. You can’t be that if you’re an LOA follower.

6) Be a mindless ninny: If you plan on using the LOA, you need to “live into your dreams” - one of those lovely woo-woo phrases that makes me want to blend something. So there you are, living in an unreal future without thinking about goals, plans and challenges (because they are freakin’ destructive and negative so skip that sh*t). And it doesn’t really matter at all that being mindfully aware of where you are in the present is a powerful tool that helps in overall wellness, ‘cause who really needs any of that when you could be mindlessly ignorant and living in a fantasy future with the LOA. Right?

7) It’s all your fault: If you’re buying into the LOA, you have to believe that it is a perfect universal law. That their core premise of “like always attracts like” is something that always holds true without any exceptions. So by that definition, the only reason that anything bad could ever happen to you is because you were thinking bad thoughts. If someone steals your credit card – your fault. If you get cancer, your child is born with a deformity, you lose a limb fighting for your country – 100% your fault. If you get raped, abused, tortured, mugged – again, totally your fault. Innocent people killed, sick children, war victims, natural disasters, genocides, homicides, the Holocaust – oh yeah, ALL their fault. This is the BS you’re supposed to believe if you buy into the LOA.’re ready to buy into that? Just stop it.

8) Perfect doesn’t allow for mistakes: The LOA is a “perfect law” and if you follow it like you’re supposed to, you’ll end up with a “perfect” life. Apart from being sheer stupidity, it’s also unrealistic. Reality check dreamers - life can be all levels of awesome, but not perfect. Psychological tests have proven that visualizing perfection in the short term is good for your motivation, but results in more unhappiness in the long term. And let’s be honest, if a perfect life is your goal, you’re a perfect idiot who’s in for a perfect disappointment. The research doesn’t lie.

So there you have it. My sugar high only got me this far. I would have indulged in a few more Oreos to keep going, but writing out all this made me sick to my stomach. So before I go and puke, join me in giving the LOA and The Secret a collective FU. There are better ways to get what you want in life that actually work. Give your dreams a fighting chance and find your grip in life.

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